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My love of reading is so secret. I like nothing more than a great book, a large mug of tea and the time to transport myself into other worlds. The Postcard from Italy by Angela Petch will do just that. This historical novel will give you both armchair and time travel with its beautiful narrative. Susannah is an antique store owner, in present day England, who has recently been bereaved and is quite frankly unsettled. There must be more to life that clearing out her grandmother’s house, and especially as her grandmother never really had any time for her. A chance finding of a postcard from Italy inspires her to take time out and explore a country that she feels connected with, despite there being no Italian blood in her family.

But there is another story…

In Italy, 1945 a soldier awakes. ‘Where am I?’ The young man asks, bewildered. He sees olive trees against a bright blue sky. A soft voice soothes him. ‘We saw you fall from your plane. The parachute saved you.’ He remembers nothing of his life, or the war that has torn the world apart… but where does he belong? He embraces life as an Italian fisherman, because he knows nothing else.  His memories are locked inside.  Is there a key to open the door to his past?

Susannah wipes away a tear as she tidies her grandmother’s belongings. Her father has gone, and Elsie’s memories are fading, and every day Susannah feels further away from her only remaining family. But everything changes when she stumbles across a yellowed postcard of a beautiful Italian stone farmhouse, tucked away in Grandmother Elsie’s dressing table. A message dated from World War 2 speaks of a secret love. Could her grandmother, who never talked about the past, have fallen for someone in Italy all those years ago?

With Elsie unable to answer her questions, Susannah becomes determined to track down the house and find a distraction from her grief. Arriving at what is now a crumbling hotel by the sparkling Italian sea, she feels strangely at home. And after an unexpected encounter with handsome wine waiter Giacomo, she can’t tell if it’s his dark eyes or his offer to help solve her mystery that makes her heart race.

Together they find a dusty chest tucked in a forgotten corner of the building. The white silk of a World War 2 parachute spills out. And the Royal Air Force identity tag nestled in the folds bears a familiar name…

With Giacomo by her side, and before it’s too late for her grandmother, can Susannah discover the truth behind a shocking wartime secret at the heart of her family? Or will it tear her apart?

I was completely transported by this book. I could taste the flavours of Italy on my tongue as I turned page after page. The clever writing, give the reader an insight into both stories, past and present, but you are compelled to keep reading, to find out if happiness is on the cards, for the hero and heroine in war torn Italy, and for Susannah many years later

About the Author

Published by Bookouture, Angela Petch is an award-winning writer of fiction – and the occasional poem. The first book I read by this author was The Tuscan House, and now as soon as I see her name I click to download, knowing I am going on a journey. Every summer Angela Petch moves to Tuscany for six months where she and her husband own a renovated watermill which they let out. When not exploring their unspoilt corner of the Apennines, she disappears to her writing desk at the top of a converted stable. In her Italian handbag or hiking rucksack she always makes sure to store a notebook and pen to jot down ideas. The winter months are spent in Sussex where most of her family live. When Angela’s not helping out with grandchildren, she catches up with writer friends. Angela’s gripping, WWII, Tuscan novels are published by Bookouture. While her novel, Mavis and Dot, was self-published and tells of the frolics and foibles of two best friends who live by the seaside. Angela also writes short stories published in Prima and People’s Friend. Treat yourself to this glorious read here If you like audio books, why not listen to sample here:
Happy reading. Kerry x


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