Where to you get your inspiration from?

Inspired by Coral-lynne Fabuliciousfifty

I am inspired by Coral-Lynn on a daily basis.  I am honoured to call this fabulous woman an ‘old’ friend too.

Inspiration comes from so many places. A walk in the forest, hanging the washing out on the line, or going online.  Sometimes though you need a nudge,a few words that get you thinking.

Years ago when things were quite tough, I started getting texts to my phone every day.  Little quotes and messages that so often resonated with what I was going through.  These little texts were sent by Coral-Lynn.

Tough times need the right inspiration

Coral-Lynn knows about tough times.  We have been friends for almost 30 years and she has been through many trials during her life as an entrepreneur, single mom and sole breadwinner.

The fact that she took the time to send these texts meant a lot, not only to me but to many people. This was years ago when it wasn’t an easy task. At one stage she was sending over 1500 texts daily.

As more and more people were inspired, Coral-lynn was inspired to take it all a step further.

The Coral-Lynne Inspirational Wall Calendar is now a fixture in my house – and hangs proudly on the door of my study.  Beautiful and quirky illustrations underline strong messages of inspiration.and positivity.

This extract is taken from www.coral-lynn.com

Life is a celebration! Each day is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities that beckon us to heed the call to be the best we can be. At every corner the universe calls out to us, showing the way, whispering encouragement, urging us on our journey. But often we are too busy preparing for the future, that we forget to live in the present. We worry so much about tomorrow that we forget to live today. We let the wonder of our world slip through our fingers without a second thought.
Inspired by Coral-Lynn grew from a desire to share positivity with friends; to chase away the shadows and demons that lurk on the edges of all our lives. It began simply with Coral-Lynn sending a Thought for the Day to friends and colleagues, and this simple gift from her heart soon became so much more.

Today, it is about leading the way in inspiring and encouraging positive thinking, but yet being realistic about the ups and down of life that we all experience. It is about celebrating it all!

Spending time being inspired by Coral-lynn

During my recent travels to South Africa I really lucked out and got to spend a wonderful evening with Coral-Lynn.  We all go through tough times, and what is really important is not that you go through them but how you handle them.

We chatted and shared food and reminisced.  I came away inspired and confident that fabulous friends are so very important in my life.  They lift me up – even if they live miles and miles away.

I was given a gift of Coral-Lynne’s Inspirational book, which is now a constant companion.  No matter when if I need some inspiration I know where to find it!

If anyone is looking for a great Christmas present have a look at www.coral-lynn.com – there are calenders, books and prints on offer.  These are gifts  that keep on giving every day.

You can also treat yourself for free by signing up to Facebook and Twitter inspirations.

I would love to hear where your inspiration comes from – please feel free to comment below or email and tell me. I plan on featuring lots of inspiring fabulous women on the blog soon.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like the inspiration in the post – it is one of my favourites so I asked if I could share it!

Kerry x




There was a huge part of me fighting against turning anything like fifty. It happens though and there is nothing we can do to fight it. Well we can’t fight the chronology of years and minutes ticking by but we can stay fabulous. I try to be fabulous, despite having a few things I am fighting against like RA, Diabetes and Pernicious Anaemia. This blog is simply about me embracing life. Food, make-up, fashion and more. My trials and tribulations. I hope you enjoy!

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