Take time to simply be (2)We really do live at a hectic pace.  From when we get up in the morning it is go go go.  We try to keep as productive as possible and pack as much as we can into the 24 hours that make up a day. If you know me you know I also subscribe to the philosophy of you only live once, and that can make me very tired.

However sometimes we simply have to stop and be.  Perhaps take an early night and go to bed with a good book, or even better get up early and simply sit with a cup of tea and be.

Meditation comes in different forms for different people, and I am not suggesting that you sit down cross-legged and chant (although that can work too).  Just simply take a minute, or preferably ten, to just be at one with yourself.  Try and empty your mind and get yourself to a place of rest.  Breathe and just be.

I always start my quiet times with thanks.  I run through my day, or couple of days and think of the things I am thankful for.  My sister and niece for a roof over my head.  The lovely welcome I have received at my new job. My little holiday in London coming up.  Somehow the stresses of the day, the mad traffic and the worry recede when I simply take time to be.

I hope you enjoyed today’s quote post.  Too excited to think that my next post will be from London.

Thanks so much for reading.

Kerry x

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