Keep Her Secret – If you Dare

It’s a funny thing reading to be scared, to be thrilled and to be uncomfortable, but I do love a psychological thriller.  I think it is the fact that what happens in a book like Keep Her Secret by best selling author Mark Edwards, could happen to any of us.  Just one circumstance, and things can change and all the values we hold dear, will change like a row of dominos toppling to a conclusion you cannot predict. This is a sinister tale that takes a rekindled college romance into a very dark place as the couple face a nightmare.

About the book

Standing on top of a mountain in Iceland, Matthew can’t believe his luck.  Not only is he finally taking the trip of his dreams but joining him for the trip is his college girlfriend, Helena.  He knew the moment he saw her at the college reunion, after all those years, that he wanted a second chance.  While they have only been together a week, he knows this is it, she is the one.  That is until Helena takes one step back, trying to get the perfect picture and falls … As Matthew scrambles to the edge, he finds Helena precariously hooked by her rucksack belt on a small ledge.  Desperate to get help, Matthew nearly misses Helena cry, ‘I deserve this’, just before she is rescued. Suddenly the perfect girlfriend is not so perfect after all, as Helena confesses her secret.  All he knows is that he will do anything he can to keep her save. As the couple return to their normal lives, nothing is normal at all.  Someone has heard the confession and arrives on the doorstep with an ultimatum. I could go on, but I don’t want to give too many spoilers, as this is a wonderful story with so many twists and turns that will have you gasping.  Right until the end I felt surprised and tense.

About the author

Mark Edwards writes books in which scary things happen to ordinary people.   He sold 4 million books since his first solo novel The Magpies was published in 2013 and has topped the bestseller lists numerous times. In conclusion I can say perhaps I read psychological thrillers because the stories are so absorbing and all consuming, it is like a holiday from real life. Have you read anything by this 4 million copy bestselling author? Keep Her Secret can be found on Amazon and I would imagine most book stores. Kerry xx


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