Keep Your Friends Close

If you enjoy a twisty turny thriller you are going to absolutely love this book.  Keep Your Friends Close by Joanne Ryan is a skillfully written thriller, that examines ordinary people and how instances in time can change everything. Best friends Mia and Carrie are always together.  They live together and know each other’s darkest secrets and their pasts.  But all is not as it seems, and I promise you that you will still be left gasping right on the last page. Human nature makes us vulnerable, it makes us want to have connections, but it also makes us victims and perpetrators.  Throw money into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for intrigue.

A litte sneak;peek into the story …

She knows your darkest secret… Can she keep it? It’s a normal sunny day when Mia sees her ex-boyfriend on the street where she lives. But she knows that’s crazy. She knows it can’t possibly be him. She knows… because she killed him. Mia and Carrie have been best friends since school. They share everything: clothes, shoes, a home… and their secrets. Only Carrie knew what Mia did that night. Where everything went wrong and Mia’s boyfriend attacked her, so she attacked him right back. Carrie made the problem go away. Like she always would for her best friend. They’ve got on with their lives. Mia’s even met someone new – a man she thinks she could be with forever. But now it looks like her ex is back. Alive and well. So either Mia is losing her mind, or somebody very close to her has been lying…

About the Author

I just knew that I would be looking for more books from Joanne Ryan after reading and reviewing this one.  She is the author of several well-reviewed psychological thrillers. Previously published by Tamarillas Press, she lives in Wiltshire. Her first thriller  for Boldwood is Keep Your Friends Close. Treat yourself to this great book here  – Thanks for reading Kerry x


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