We all have shadows in our lives

I was asked to be part of a book tour for debut author, Nicole T Smith, and even before reading the blurb I said yes.  Why?  Because one day (hopefully soon) I will be in the same position and I love supporting new writers.  I have very eclectic tastes in books, so I was very open to reading this one, but honestly I like it a whole lot!  We have Shadows Too It is a brilliant book filled with shadows and secrets which drew me in, and on one occasion left me lying in a bath of cold water, because I had to read on.

No spoilers

Rella Cooper is a successful architect with a bright future but furtive whispers rustle in the recesses of her mind. Parts of a troubled past lie concealed deep in her subconscious, along with trauma she has no memory of….. Shocked and destabilized by what she learns during a therapy session, Rella’s sanity spirals out of control. Not all is how it seems. Is it better to live in the shadows? Or with a truth you can’t share? I am not going to give any spoilers, because I think the beauty in the story unfolding is precious and I want everyone who reads this wonderful book to experience what I felt, as Rella, the main character  bravely looked into her own past and her pain to uncover the person she has become.  It’s a story about family, fractures and pain, but also a story about unbelievable strength.  Rella is a flawed person, but aren’t we all. 

About the Author

Nicole T. Smith has filled notebooks and crashed computers in her pursuit of creating story. When asked what genres she writes in, she replies: Who can pick just one?  A board-certified acupuncturist Nicole has spent over two decades in the medical field. Her latest novel, “We Have Shadows Too,” explores the repercussions of trauma, the psychological layers of the mind, the invisible scars we carry and secrets we hide even from ourselves.   She weaves the theme of truth vs. illusion through her books, inviting readers to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. Treat yourself to this book here.


There was a huge part of me fighting against turning anything like fifty. It happens though and there is nothing we can do to fight it. Well we can’t fight the chronology of years and minutes ticking by but we can stay fabulous. I try to be fabulous, despite having a few things I am fighting against like RA, Diabetes and Pernicious Anaemia. This blog is simply about me embracing life. Food, make-up, fashion and more. My trials and tribulations. I hope you enjoy!

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