Be very wary of strong woman on a mission

Be prepared to be totally absorbed by this gritty crime novel by author Emma Tallon.  Her Rival will transport you to the East End of London and into the lives of veryt strong woman, beautifully complex and totally engaging. Meet Scarlet, her aunt Lily, her cousin Ruby and others and experience a journey in a world that is totally foreign and yet so relatable.  I have never considered a career in crime, but the way that Emma Tallon writes it, you can totally understand how a young woman born into a London crime family considers this a career path, even though she has a choice.  Scarlett is determined not only to join the family business, but make her mark. The book will take you on a journey full of glorious twists and turns to an unexpected conclusion.  Now, if you read the book, you will wonder what I am on about as there is a sneak peek in the beginning, but I promise you it is totally unexpected, and at the same time devastating.  I finished this book ready to devour the sequal – when will it be published?

Book Description

Fans of Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers will love this nail-biting new book from crime author Emma Tallon, set on the same mean streets as her bestselling Tyler Family series.

Scarlet Drew is new to London’s criminal underworld, she may be young, but she’s hell bent on making a name for herself as joint head of the family firm alongside her aunt Lily. But when Scarlet finds herself alone with a drunk and dangerous man after a black-tie event, she is little prepared for what happens next.

Determined not to let the drunken lech get away with his crime, Scarlet hatches a plan for revenge – she’s going to steal his most valuable asset and put her name on the map. As the family band together to pull off the heist, other characters come out of the shadows, and the complexity of this plot and it’s glorious cast of characters is revealed.
Face to face with a new enemy, Scarlet fears the Drews may have finally met their match. With the whole family at risk, it’s going to take everything they have to stop their empire going up in smoke. But will everyone survive the fight?

Her Rival is a gripping and addictive crime thriller that has it all – strong women, explosive action and an ending that will have you gasping for breath! Treat yourself to this book, but be ready to want to read more by this author. Buy it here.

Author Bio

Emma Tallon is a British author of gripping, gritty, organised-crime thrillers and mother of two. Having started her writing career as a freelance ghostwriter, Emma finished her first novel, Runaway Girl, in 2016, and became an author full time. Since then, she has written several other novels for her publisher and has carved out a successful career for herself from her home in Milton Keynes, where she can usually be found typing away in her office surrounded by large stacks of books and Post-it Notes full of ideas for future stories. I have a few more books planned for the next month, but would love your ideas of what to read next.  You know me, I can always be found with my head in a book (or kindle). Thanks for reading Kerry


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