What About the Nanny?

Reading the Nanny at No 43 by Nicola Cassidy was like being immersed in another world, a world many years ago where intrigue and mystery and wonderful charactarisation drew me into a story that I didn’t want to end.  I was reading on my Kindle and not taking note of how far I was into the book and then it ended.  I had to return to the 20th Century.

Books that keep you thinking

I am not a great lover of historical fiction, but Nicola Cassidy is well on the way to converting me.  What I do love is psychological thrillers and books that keep me gripped.  Well this book certainly had me sneaking reading moments throughout the day as I kept returning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The cast of beautifully written characters start sharing their part in the story.  A nanny arrives to apply for a position to care for a motherless child.  The housekeeper feels put out, but soon the disquiet mounts and she is genuinely concerned.  The Nanny has the baby settled and the father’s mind is at rest.  But is this baby sleeping too much? A man leaves prison after 10 years.  What was his crime?  What is his connection? Does any man deserve a fresh chance.  What do his sister’s think? A couple get a small inheritance and choose to leave the tenements in inner Dublin and buy a house in the country.  Their fresh chance turns sour when they uncover a grisly secret.

The history of the land I call home

I made Ireland my new home 17 years ago and I have become fascinated with the history of this country and it’s links to the rest of Europe.  Learning about the history of Ireland has helped me to understand and truly appreciate the land which I call home.  A dive into Nicola Cassidy’s novel is perfection for me.  A history lesson woven through a fantastic yarn with characters that you will find hard to forget. Nicola’s first book December Girl is a wonderful read.  You can read my review here. And now the good news, her third book Adele is now available.  I will be putting aside a couple of days, along with a pot of tea or two to enjoy it. Thank you for reading my review, and please let me know if you have read any of Nicola’s books.  I promise you won’t be dissappointed. Kerry x


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