A Tale of Trust – The Orphan’s Secret

When you hear a book called a page turner, I often think of a thriller, or something equally suspenseful.  The Orphan’s Secret is a beautifully written page turner, that will transport you to the 1940s and a country at war. The book is filled with heart.  There were moments when I could have cried for the main character Lily as she battles through the war years, dealing with far more than bombs and raids.  Lily is struggling to become a mother.

Something you didn’t know about me

The Orphan’s Secret is rich in history, which introduced me to Lumberjills, a division of the woman’s land army that I didn’t know about. It reminded me of my time working in the timber and forestry industry, and learning to use a chainsaw and how to fell a tree.  As a journalist, I only tried it.  But, reading this book, I was filled with admiration for the woman who committed to helping their country by doing this backbreaking work.

More about the book

The book is about people, yes, people during a war, but it is beautifully descriptive and introduces a cast of characters, all with their own complexities.  It is also a lesson in understanding, trust and forgiveness. England, 1940: A tear-jerking wartime tale of an orphaned baby who needs a home, and the woman who risks everything to provide it. Fans of Before We Were YoursWives of War and Diney Costeloe will be utterly swept away by this heartbreaking – yet beautifully hopeful – World War Two page-turner.

With the war raging, Lily has learned not to take life for granted. In a time of such tragedy, every day is a gift. Her husband is a soldier, fighting to save their country, and she prays that she will survive – to one day welcome him home.

One sweltering July night, bombs rain down. Lily and her dear friend Ethel, who is nine months pregnant, seek refuge in a shelter. Miraculously, a baby girl is born to the sound of ear-splitting shrieks and explosions in the distance. Once the raid quietens, Lily races into the house to find the newborn a blanket. But then the unthinkable happens, planes thundering right over the rooftops…

When Lily rouses, finding herself amongst broken glass and crumbled brick, she is devastated to discover that Ethel has been killed – leaving little Joy behind. With tears rolling down her face, Lily makes a split-second decision.

To save the orphaned child, Lily must tell a heartbreaking lie, a secret that she holds close to her chest for years. But when the truth comes out, whose lives will be destroyed? And will she ever be forgiven?

About the author

Shirley Dickson was born and grew up in the seaside town of South Shields. She left school at fifteen and can’t remember a time when she didn’t write. She entered her first short story competition in ‘School Friend’ when she was eleven. After Shirley retired from auxiliary nursing, she was able to devote her time to writing. After living in various locations, she settled under the big skies of Northumberland and has lived with her husband in the same house for over forty years. Shirley has three daughters and four grandchildren and likes nothing better than family gatherings. Treat yourself to this great read Amazon: https://bit.ly/3mBhtjK As we head into winter, with lot of time for snuggling up with a good book, I would love to hear what you are reading, and what you would like to read.  Kerry x


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