Hope, Health and Happiness

When I can’t get to sleep at night I have a little breathing ritual to calm my mind.  As I breath in I imagine health, and when I breath out I feel gratitude.   This has become an important part of my sleep time routine, and it really helps me to focus on the positives – especially during these times. A few nights ago, I really struggled to sleep, and my mind started wandering, as it does, and I thought that there really are three values (at least) that we could all do with right now – hope, happiness and health.


Health is always a big value for me.  As you know I struggle with arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, pernicious anaemia, thyroid disease and asthma – a long list I know.  I am determined not to let my health get in the way of being happy and living the best life I can.  During the pandemic I have had to add anxiety and panic attacks to my list, so mental health is a big priority. Health is defined in a number of ways.  As the general condition of body and mind, but what we are all aiming for is better health – the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease.  It is good to have something to aim for, and I personally link health and happiness together.  I want to be as healthy as I can be and happy.


Happiness means different things to different people.  It is also about timing and place.  I am happy cuddled up in bed with my book and a cup of tea, but I am also happy walking on a beach, even if it is a bit windy, and taking the opportunity of dipping my toes in the water. As I have got older, happiness has changed.  It comes from small things.  I am no longer waiting to be happy.  I am living in the moment. Joy, gladness, contentment, luck, fortunate – these are all words that describe happy.  What I believe is that we have to find our own version of happy – whether we are in lockdown or now.  Figure out what makes you happy and do more of it is my advice.


Right now, hope is the value that is getting us through every day.  Hope that things will get better. I don’t think that we will ever return to what we knew, but hopefully we will find a new normal that brings us joy. We have to aspire to a better future and trust that better times are waiting for us once this is all passed.  How do you hang onto hope?  Look for the positives and the best way of doing that is by being grateful for what we have.  Today I am grateful for a warm fire crackling in the grate, for spiced apple cake made especially for me and for endless cups of tea.  I am grateful for a kindle full of books to be read and the love and support of family and friends even if it is on video chat. As I post this, I would love to know what is keeping you going, and of course to tell you that if you fancy a virtual cup of tea, I will put the kettle on! Thanks for reading Kerry xx


There was a huge part of me fighting against turning anything like fifty. It happens though and there is nothing we can do to fight it. Well we can’t fight the chronology of years and minutes ticking by but we can stay fabulous. I try to be fabulous, despite having a few things I am fighting against like RA, Diabetes and Pernicious Anaemia. This blog is simply about me embracing life. Food, make-up, fashion and more. My trials and tribulations. I hope you enjoy!

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